Student Spotlight: Brion Beller

Name:  Brion Beller

Location: Bluffton, SC

Occupation:  Semi-retired, Qigong Teacher, Clinical Qigong Practitioner, Martial Arts Instructor

Did you practice any other spiritual/energetic philosophies or techniques before you encountered the Stillness-Movement System? If so, what were they?
I have been practicing Martial Arts since around 1976. In 1985 I began studying the energy channels, TCM, and martial applications utilizing the energy channels, intent, 5 element theory, etc. I’ve had several outstanding Martial Arts instructors – including Grandmaster Will Higginbotham, Grandmaster David Gonzalez (Hawaiian Kempo under Ed Parker), Professor George Dillman – Ryukyu Kempo, Grandmaster – Seiyu Oyata – Ryukyu Kempo, Professor Wally Jay – Small Circle Jujitsu, and Professor Remy Presas – Modern Arnis . I currently hold a 7th Dan Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo as well as teach Small Circle Jujitsu applications. All Martial Arts students are required to participate in Qigong Class.

I had tried various Qigong systems with none of them resonating with me until I started Stillness Movement.

How did you hear of the Stillness-Movement System, and what prompted you to attend your first workshop with Michael Lomax? What was it like?
I’m going to try talking around my first workshop with Michael. Now, I was given the ability to project on 3/3/84 – my son was born sick and it was questionable if he’d make it through the night.

So late at night (it had been an extremely long day) I walked down to the intensive care nursery. Looking at all the wires connected to him was very discouraging. But I said directly to Spirit/God, “I know the healing ability exists, Your Son was an exceptional Healer so please either come here and heal now or give me the ability. Spirit responded, “Point your hands at him now and heal him.” I thought I was losing it but I did as instructed – his heart rate dropped from off the charts to the normal range, his O2 saturation rose from poor to almost normal , and his respiration’s went from off the charts to almost normal. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Spirit said,“Now do it again.”I did, and all the indicators (heart rate, etc.) fell into the normal range. It was hard to believe what I had just seen. I went back to my wife’s room and five minutes later the doctor came in and announced, “Ta-Da! He’s made a turn for the better, he’s going to make it!”

I promised Spirit/God that from that day forward I would do his bidding whatever it would be – I thought I heard him say a Priest – I didn’t really want to be a Priest. So for about 20 years I struggled with what God wanted me to be – every time I’d think about it my hands would start glowing, as if my palms were almost on fire. Then I started reading about Qigong and the Clinical work. We had been utilizing the energy channels in martial arts since around 1985 – and I had a good understanding of TCM. But, the Qigong I would try didn’t seem to do much. Then one day I had driven to Indianapolis to have acupuncture on my aching feet. I told the acupuncturist about my Qigong interest and he said “Well then you’ll be going to next weeks seminar in Brazil, IN.” He printed off the info, and immediately I signed up.

During that workshop, we went through some of the Gift of the Tao movements followed by standing meditation. During meditation – I couldn’t stand still as I was bouncing all over the place. Hey – I thought – I’m an achieved martial artist with excellent balance – what’s happening here? Little did I know Michael was projecting at me and Lighting my fire! Then he did a Clinical Qigong Demo on a person and as soon as I saw him point his hand as I did almost 20 years earlier – I knew this was it. I was so happy that I had found what I was suppose to be doing. And the Priest promise to God – a Shaman is a Priest! Maybe I was a little to excited as I started using the techniques I had learned immediately – we did a group – take turns projecting on Michaels back – when it was my turn I gave it a big blast and noticed Michael turned around to see who the heck was that? It was me, and I had “found my way home.”

I immediately embraced the system, and when I got home I made everybody let me do the Taoist Technique on them – three people in a row. Then one of our favorite dogs came in and plopped down in front of me and I treated him. This has changed my life and the way I approach things. Yes, there were several road blocks and people who tried to step in my way but I was determined and would not let anyone derail me – a promise is a promise!

Next seminar – Michael would be working on someone and ask, “Who wants to…” I reply quickly – I do or I will. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are doing something to help others and knowing through trial and error that this was a very powerful True Lineage. So, I embraced the lineage and it embraced me – first Spirit would send me somewhat easier cases – shoulder pain, sprained ankle, knee pain, back pain – then the more I practice the more complex the cases – ALS, blood diseases, migraines, a body covered in red bumps and the doctors couldn’t figure out why (I did ), cancer, animals – Horses, Dogs, and the occasional cat. I even set up a study – small sample size 20 people – 10 believed it would help and 10 thought it was junk – guess what – it worked on all 20. The more work I do – the better my results are – close to 100%. This is it for me – I’ll keep moving forward and not look back, stand in my way and I’ll walk around you. So a major defining moment in my life.

I don’t think I’ve missed a seminar since the first one. There is always something new to learn and try out. Just listen because if your heart is properly aligned -Spirit will send you clients. Spirit will also send you things you might need in order to keep practicing. So – this became a big part of what I do – teaching. My martial arts students would often say,  “Could we just do more Qigong?”

“Yes,” is always my answer. So glad I arrived .

How long have you been practicing the Stillness-Movement System?
Time flies by so quickly. I really haven’t paid attention to when/how long I’ve been involved. I have simply embraced the system from the beginning and continue to learn at every seminar . I am honored that Michael refers to me as his “Senior Student.” I’m guessing that I’ve been in Stillness Movement now for around 16 years.

Describe an example of how Stillness-Movement System has impacted your life.
I practice Stillness on a daily basis – when I need more clients to work on I simply ask Spirit to send some clients my way – usually within days sometimes minutes I have people contacting me – amazing.

Do you use Clinical Qigong (Waiqi Liaofa / Taoist Neuro-energetic Therapy) to heal others? Describe some of your results.
I use all the techniques that we have learned/taught in seminars on my clients. I have a thriving Distance Therapy practice treating people all over the world.

What’s a fun fact we should know about you?
I have a love of animals – especially bird dogs and horses – I’ve treated many of each throughout my practice. Animals especially appreciate Taoist Therapy.