Student Spotlight: Alex Scrimgeour

Name: Alex Scrimgeour 

Occupation: Acupuncturist & Bodyworker

Location: London, UK.

Did you practice an other spiritual/energetic philosophies or techniques before you encountered the Stillness-Movement System? If so, what were they?

Before learning Stillness-Movement Qigong I had been practicing various forms of qigong and Taichi for about 10 years. I’ve also had some experience in meditation, having undertaken a number of silent retreats. Besides this I’ve had a strong interest in indigenous wisdom traditions since young.

How did you hear of the Stillness-Movement System, and what prompted you to attend your first workshop with Michael Lomax? What was it like?
I attended my first workshop with Michael around 10 years ago. It was a life changing experience, very much in a positive way.

I discovered his book in my first year of acupuncture college, as I was searching for systems of medical qigong. I had a resonance with what I found in the book and decided to reach out to say I’d love to learn the practice and would be happy to help with organising a workshop if he’d be open. Although Michael was encouraging in his response, as I was studying I didn’t have much time or money to organise anything outside my studies.

However, a few months later I had a very vivid lucid dream, one of being in a group qigong class with Michael and experiencing an energetic projection from him. In the dream, this felt like a bolt of lightning, a very strong and luminous current of energy that shook my body, so much so that I immediately woke from the dream.

A few months after this, I discovered that someone else had been organising a Stillness-Movement workshop in London for the following year! By luck, this was on my birthday.

Although we learnt a lot at the workshop, the most powerful experience for me was the initial transmission in the sitting Stillness-Movement practice. This was an extremely tangible sensation of light and energy flowing into my body and creating an oven-like warmth through my body. It is one of the few times I’ve experienced something that totally defies any mainstream explanation of what the body is capable of.

How long have you been practicing the Stillness-Movement System?
About 10 years.

Describe an example of how the Stillness-Movement System has impacted your life.
Although my initial experience of Stillness-Movement might seem like it’s a fantastical and magical practice, over the years I’ve come to experience it as something that’s profoundly grounding. It’s become an essential tool to stay calm and grounded whilst living in a big city and helping people through acupuncture, massage, and mentoring.

Do you use Clinical Qigong (Waiqi Liaofa / Taoist Neuro-energetic Therapy) to heal others? Describe some of your results.
I use Wai Qi Lao Fa in my acupuncture and massage treatments. Michael has taught me how to combine qigong with acupuncture, which I’ve found to improve the clients’ experience of needle sensation and also treatment results.

What’s a fun fact that we should know about you?
I’ve spent many years performing music with a band called Gentle Mystics. I’ve had great fun channeling qigong through the drum kit and into dancing feet.