The Stillness-Movement Lineage

The Lineage

By Brion Beller, senior student
Spirit’s Light Qigong

Wang Jue Min began learning qigong to heal injuries he sustained during World War II. He later met and became friends with Zhou Qian Chuan of the Emei Linji Lineage, his health improved so much he continued to study all the qigong that was available. In Beijing he met the Daoist Master Hu Yao Zhen, who completely healed Teacher Wang.

Teacher Wang studied with 5 of the most accomplished men of his time:

– Hu Yao Zhen (1879 -1973) Synthesized Jingdonggong (静动功), Still and Moving Qigong, “Father of Modern Qigong”, founder of medical qigong, a Chinese Doctor, Daoist Priest & Master of Xinyiquan –

– Zhou Qian Chuan (1907-1972) Master of Daoist Medicine, Western Medical Doctor, Buddhist Abbott, 12th Lineage holder Emei qigong, General

– Jiang Wei Qiao (1873-1958) Popularised meditation and qigong, Master of Daoist jinggong, & Tien T’ai Buddhism, one of the first to introduce cultivation to a wider audience through his published works.

Liu Gui Zhen (1920-1983) Inheritor of neiyanggong, one of the main founders of “modern qigong” & developer of medical qigong and qigong therapy.

– Chen Ying Ning (1880-1969) Founded the Xian xie yuan Institute, expert and Master of Daoist Neidan, helped transform Neidan for a more modern audience.

Master Hu Yaozhen

Unfortunately Master Wang was imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution for “unfavorable associations” only being released after 17 years. When asked how he coped he gave credit to what he had learned from his qigong teachers. Master Wang was asked to synthesize his knowledge and experience and to pass it on. Due to his respect for all that he had learned from Master Hu, it was his Lineage that absorbed the other teachings. Master Wang established the Baoding Medical Qigong Healing Hospital in Baoding, China and worked even after retirement helping those in need. He became recognized as a “National Treasure” for his work by the Chinese Government.

Master Lomax with Master Wang

It was at the Baoding Hospital that Michael Lomax met Master Wang and began studying Qigong with him. After many years of study and treating many patients under Master Wang’s guidance – Master Wang decided that he wanted Michael to bring this Lineage to the West and teach it here. It takes an individual with special Energetic talents to be able to transfer the teachings of the Stillness-Movement Lineage and Master Wang placed great trust in Michael as they had worked together for over 10 years.